Fet-Gas Natural gas components  production and Trade Ltd. Co. Was established in 2002 in Izmir, and on 10,000 m2 open and 2,400 m2 covered area of activity.
Fet-gas in general, is active in the fields of production of pressure vessels, gas equipment, steel construction, machining, manufacturing, and sheet metal processing. Provision of a mechanical integrity, efficiency, and enhancing  the quality of the association of these activities made it necessary.
In every stage of design and production internationally well accepted computer programs are used. Communication between departments are done via high-tech network and all data, experience and information are protected in special, high security storage devices.
Production takes place according to the control of audit firms and international standards (ASME, ASTM, API, EN, DIN, TSE).
In specific areas where certain qualification is required, the responsible staff has been certified by international audit companies and proven to be sufficient.
The production is carried out with a large machine tool park by Professional staff in accordance with international quality and safety standards.
Our production involves: CNC press brakes, CNC Guillotine, CNC vertical machining, CNC lathes, conventional lathes, vertical drilling machines, automatic welding machines, all kinds of welding machine (TIG, MIG, MAG, etc..), Band saws, automatic steel shot blasting machine, plasma cutting, oxygen cutting, forklift, hiyap (Hi-Up), compressors, dyeing machines and installed testing machines and takes place in fully-equipped factory.
Our company adopts quality both as a tool of competition and an essential life-philosophy which shapes all services of our company. Fet-Gaz, always prioritizes the content of its customers and employees and ensures this with quality management systems and our management principles require; efficient, sustainable, fast and flawless production.
Our business is with the documents and certificates;
  • TSE Production Compliance Certificate
  • TSE (11672{11.04.1995) Certificate of Conformity
  • TSE Certificate of Conformity to Criteria for Cartridge Type Filters 
  • Service certificate issued by the TSE (Turkish Standarts Institute)
  • BOTAS: Manufacturing Proficiency Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2008: Quality management system
  • OHSAS 18001:2007: Occupational health and safety management system
  • ISO 14001:Environmental Management System